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You've found the Trading Card Hobbyist, a Web site for non-sport card collectors searching for current developments within the contemporary marketplace.  The Hobbyist aims to complement the Internet and hard copy publications on which collectors rely for hobby information.

June 27 - Congratulations to Marlin Toser, managing editor of Non-Sport Update, for being selected by the Harrisburg, Pa. SusqueCentenial commission as one of its 150 Living Legends, an oral history project initiated by the city.  Video of Toser's interviews may be accessed here.

The Wrapper has been a non-sport institution for over 30 years and is published once every six weeks.  Its past and present roster of advertisers and writers reinforce the Wrapper's impressive legacy of covering vintage trading card sets and contemporary titles.

Non-Sport Update remains our pastime's only newsstand magazine.  A bi-monthly periodical, the Update provides superior, in-depth coverage of new trading card issues, interviews with notable non-sport personalities and features on the major manufacturers.  Collectible promo cards provided by the card makers accompany each NSU issue and have become a magazine supplement much anticipated among readers.  The magazine also hosts Card Talk, an online information source and chat forum for collectors.

I hope you check back to the Hobbyist often and make it a routine stop on your Internet route.

Scott Thomas




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